Why Should You Perform a Self Background Check Before Interviewing for a New Job?

With the growing number of consumers choosing to run background checks on themselves before applying to positions, many people have begun to wonder why they would want to perform a self background check. The answer is simply because it is the most sensible thing to do before an important interview.

The vast majority of employers run background checks on candidates before making a hiring decision, and a poor report can easily mean the difference between getting the job and being kicked to the curb. A self background check can offer many benefits to ensure you are ready to look your best before the interview. Here are a few of the ways it can help.

Prepare Yourself for the Tough Questions

The interviewer is going to ask you questions about your background screening results either at the interview or in a follow-up if they perform screening at a later stage, and you want to be able to appropriately answer any questions they may have. Even if you do not have any significant criminal history that comes to mind, there is a very high chance that some possible issues may have slipped your mind.

Things such as defaulted bills, speeding tickets, and other minor offenses may show up and result in tough questions you may not be able to answer without preparation. Think questions like, “I see you defaulted on this utility bill. How does this reflect on your ability to manage your personal finances?” A self background check can reveal these minor offenses and reveal exactly what your potential employer will see, giving you the chance to prepare accordingly.

Correct False Information on Your Record

Another important reason to perform a self background check is to discover and correct any false information on your record. Many people aren’t aware that mistakes in record-keeping both among police, courts, and screening providers result in a surprising amount of erroneous information being reported. By performing a self background check, you can discover if any false information has been connected with your name and contact the provider, courthouse, or police department to correct the mistake before it reaches your potential employer.

Ensure Your Expunged or Sealed Records Don’t Appear

In many states across the country, you can request a court expunge or seal convictions for minor crimes from your record. In a growing number of states, programs have been put into place, expanding the list of offenses that qualify beyond only minor offenses. However, in many cases, just because a record has been officially expunged or sealed does not mean that it won’t appear on your record. By performing a self background check, you can assure that these records will not appear if and when your potential employer performs their own check.

Final Thoughts

Self background checks have become an increasingly popular tool for job seekers, and it is easy to see why. With these tools, you can ensure that you are prepared for anything the interviewer throws your way and can easily stand out from the competition. Plus, by bringing in your own background check report, you may be able to save your potential employer the cost of performing it on their own, giving them even more incentive to choose you over the competition.

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