What Makes You Want To Stay at a Company?

What many people are calling the Great Resignation has been going on for a while now. It has been causing a lot of problems for employers as well as for the many workers that have been quitting their jobs, and nearly half of currently employed workers that say they just might quit their jobs. This brings us to the question of what makes people want to remain in their current job? You, yourself, may even be considering leaving your job in the foreseeable future. So, we’re going to look at what many workers consider when trying to decide whether to leave their job or not, and you might want to consider if these things are important to you.

Although most people would certainly like to get paid more for their work, many employers have tried simply throwing more money at the problem to retain their employees, and this tactic has not had much success. Other employers have attempted to try taking a psychological approach and provided their employees with greater engagement, but this hasn’t resounded with workers very much either. So, if it isn’t money and it isn’t about job engagement, what are workers looking for?

The answer for almost half of workers turns out to be career transparency. What this means is that for the more than 2000 workers that took part in this study, almost half of the workers polled wanted more opportunity for growth. This is especially true for Gen-Z workers. An opportunity to grow in your career is critical, and many workers report feeling stuck without any forward momentum.

So, maybe you, yourself, are looking to grow in your career and feel like you haven’t been getting very far in your current job. But, before quitting and looking for a new job, consider if you might be able to improve your career in your current position with more communication.

For many employers, career growth isn’t the first thing they think of when trying to retain employees. However, if you talk to your employer about what you want in your career, they might be willing to help, especially with so many employees leaving their jobs.

The first thing you should do is create a career plan. This will make it easier to explain what you want in your career to your employer and see how they can help you. This may just let you see if your current employer is worth giving a chance.

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