The Most Vulnerable Targets for Identity Theft

Everyone should prepare for identity theft, but some targets are more tempting than others, and some of these targets may not be who you’d expect. So, we’ll discuss some of these targets below and why they are a tempting target.


The reason children are such a tempting target is that they often have a Social Security number that has not been used. This number can be used by identity thieves to secure credit or open accounts, and the theft will probably not be noticed for many years.

Wealthy Individuals

Wealthy individuals or those people who might generally be expected to be wealthy, such as individuals with college degrees, are more likely to be targets of identity theft. Although it’s not only the wealth of these people that make them a target, it’s the fact that they often have more accounts as well. This gives identity thieves more opportunities to steal their identity.

Remote Workers

The large increase in people working at home seems to have created more opportunities for identity thieves. Home networks tend to be less secure than corporate networks, thus making these workers more vulnerable. Checking email more often can expose people to more phishing scams, and login breaches open the door to more fraud.

It can help to use your company’s virtual private network (VPN) whenever possible. This is particularly a good idea when you’re dealing with important information.  A VPN will encrypt internet history and information and secure personal and public internet connections.

Although people often think that older people are most vulnerable to identity theft, this isn’t actually the case. People over 60 are actually less likely than younger people to be victims of identity theft. These younger people are probably spending a lot more time online, which gives them a lot more time to share information about themselves. Some of this information they’re sharing shouldn’t be shared and could give identity thieves information that could be used to steal these people’s identities.

Some of this information could seem harmless and simply be information that could be used to guess the answer to a security question. It’s always best to think twice before sharing any information online, even if you think it will remain private. It doesn’t always take a thief a lot of information to steal your identity or just get into an account to steal money or obtain more information about you.

What Can I Do If I Am At High Risk of Identity Theft?

If you are one of the vulnerable populations on this list, you will want to take precautions to protect your personal information. Plus, you may want to perform a self background check to make sure your identity hasn’t been misused by identity thieves.

Your personal background check is required for literally everything in your life these days, from employers to rentals. Take control of yours.


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