Self Background Checks

Requesting a screening service on your own behalf isn’t only about finding embarrassing moments in your past, but revealing errors that could negatively affect your reputation

Have you ever wondered what an employer sees on your background check or have insecurity about what they have access to when conducting a pre-employment screening? This is a common anxiety for many job applicants and current employees who may need to undergo a new evaluation for a promotion to a new job role.

The good news is that you don’t have to go blindly into an interview with just your resume in hand. You can conduct what is known as a self background check and know ahead of time what information will influence your chances for hire. Even if you believe there isn’t anything on your record, it’s important to understand that companies look at more than just your criminal record when making a hiring decision.

Yes, You Should Run Your Own Background Check

Conducting a self background check is an important step for any job seeker or employees looking to get a promotion or change job roles. The application and interview processes often require information like address history, previous employment dates, and contact information, as well as credentials. Requesting a screening service on your own behalf isn’t only about finding embarrassing moments in your past, but revealing errors that could negatively affect your reputation. This scenario happens to victims of identity theft by the millions every year. 

A self background check will provide you with extensive information on record about your activities, including:

  • Credit history and payment habits
  • Criminal records
  • Employment history
  • Education verification
  • Motor vehicle records

You could indeed contact all of your previous landlords, teachers, employers, creditors, and the license bureau and insurance company on your own, but do you have time for that kind of a hassle right before an interview? Using a third-party service that is an authorized credit reporting agency that follows the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) will reveal a lot more in a shorter amount of time, for a lot less effort.

Taking a few moments to run a self background check could mean detecting errors that won’t only affect your job, but your ability to finance a home, have a bank account or qualify for additional career opportunities. Additionally, by finding these discrepancies ahead of time, you can begin the dispute process and speak with your hiring manager openly about the situation.

Be In Control of Your Personal Record

One of the biggest frustrations about waiting on an employer’s response to a pre-employment background screening is that you can’t be there when they review the results for the first time. This lack of control doesn’t have to happen if you conduct a self background check before they do. Doing so allows you the opportunity to discuss any discrepancies that would cause concern in hiring or promoting you. Even better, you can do this in person and share your side of the story in a more compelling environment than just over a phone call. 

Conducting a Self Background Check is Simple 

As mentioned before, you can attempt to call up all your previous references, local county, state, and federal officials, and still not be sure you found all the information available about yourself. The easiest and most reliable method is using an employment background check company like Pre-employ. Not only will you get your results quickly, but you will receive the exact information your future employer will be looking at. 

To get a self background check you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Choose a reputable background screening company that has the necessary FCRA certifications and expertise to provide accurate information.
  • Decide what kind of background check services you want. Some companies offer packages that offer federal, state, and local searches together or separately.
  • Supply all the necessary personal details to complete your self background check, like name, address, social security number, and possibly previous employment and education details.

Once you receive your results, and if you find any discrepancies, a quality service provider like My Background Check, can give you guidance on how to go about disputing anything that isn’t correct. Make sure to keep a copy of your self background check in a safe place in case you need to follow-up with credit reporting agencies, courts, or a previous employer.

Don’t Wait Until Your Interview, Order a Self Background Check Today

The time it takes for a background screen request to process depends on several factors, but most importantly the company conducting the check. You shouldn’t wait until a few days before your interview to order a pre-employment background check. This will put you in a situation where you won’t have time to file a dispute let alone all the details of any discrepancies found. Give yourself time to deal with unexpected remarks on your credit history or find out why there is an unpaid parking ticket outstanding in a town you have never visited.

Get your record search today by visiting My Background Check to learn more and easily place your order with just a few short details. When you place an order via our website, you will access our Secure Candidate Experience platform to provide your information . Through this portal, you will also have the ability to follow along with our background check process, see any additional information needed to complete your check, and allow you to print out your final screening results from the privacy of your own home.

One of the top reasons companies choose a third-party background check service provider has to do with the fast turnaround time, reliability of the information, and the savings on productivity. My Background Check achieves this with our advanced technological pre-employment screening tools and automated software suite. Not only do we provide a simplified approach to important searches like criminal history record checks and identity verification, but we offer a centralized location to easily request, manage, store, and distribute results so that you can focus on conversions.

Your personal background check is required for literally everything in your life these days, from employers to rentals. Take control of yours.


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