Resume Tips for Teens

A good resume is one of the most important tools for teens wanting to obtain a job, and fortunately, you can write a very effective resume even without any work experience. Here are some tips to show you how you can create an effective resume.

Identify Your Purpose

Look at the job description and see what the qualifications for the job are. Note whether the qualifications are preferred or required. Some of the requirements are likely to be required, and you will want to make sure that your resume makes it clear that you meet these. Then, if you meet any of the preferred qualifications, you will want to include these as well. You can even include any experience you have that is similar to the preferred qualifications. Also, don’t forget that you can include volunteer experience.

Choose a Basic Document Format

You’ll want to begin by using a blank document or a resume template. Both Google and Word have resume templates. It’s best to choose a template that does not have graphics or any additional complex formatting, as these types of templates might have difficulty loading in an applicant tracking system. You might also have trouble updating this type of resume later.

Use Clear Section Headings

Make sure to give each section of your resume its own heading other than your summary and contact information. These would be headings such as experience, skills, or education. You can make these headings bold, use all caps, or other simple ways to draw some attention to your resume while keeping it easy to read. For a teen, it is generally best to keep the resume to one page.


This is quite possibly the most important section for a teenager since it is likely your most important accomplishment. You should list your school, the grade you are in, as well as any classes you are taking that seem relevant to the job. Additionally, if your grade point average is a 3.0 or higher, you could list it. Also, be sure to add any certifications or training that seem applicable to the job.


You should include any experience you have in this section that is related to the position you are applying for or shows that you are hardworking and reliable. Employers generally prefer to hire someone who has worked for someone before, even if it was not paid work. So, be sure to include any volunteer work.

Contact Information

You should include your name and phone number as well as an email address in the body of your resume. Make sure the email address you include looks professional. You should not use an email address that might be offensive or is intended to be funny. After all, you are trying to appear professional. You might also want to include your city and state, especially if you are applying for a local job. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you could include it.


In this section, you should put the basic goal of your resume. This will let the reader know what you want to achieve. This could be something like, “High school senior looking for a part-time job.”

Before you actually start sending out your resume, you should consider running a self background check. This will give you the opportunity to correct any mistakes before your potential employer sees them.

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