How to Research Your Potential Employers

For job seekers, one of the most important decisions you can make is what organization you would like to work with, and this makes it critical to research your potential employers. Not only will this give you the information you need to pick the right employer, but it will also give you the capacity to ask the right questions during the interview.

The fact is that one of the biggest things employers care about during the interview is whether or not you have done your homework to learn about them. From your potential employer’s point of view, this is your chance to learn about them just as much as it is theirs to learn about you. This also means that this is your opportunity to show them how much you care about the job by knowing a little about the company to start with and then asking the right questions. So, here are a few places to research your potential employer.

Your Own Network

Your friends and family are the first places you should turn to and find out if any of them have had experience with the organization. Even if they haven’t, they may know someone who does. This kind of firsthand information is a great source for a reliable idea of what the employer is like and can do a lot to help you get to know the employer and decide if the two of you are the right fit. Plus, they may be willing to act as a personal reference which will look great if they are a current or former employee that left on good terms.

Social Media

Social media is an easy place to search for information but don’t get your hopes too high about learning anything too easily. Companies generally have a pretty firm handle on control of their social media. However, you may be able to find some people with experience working with the company, and the best places to try are dedicated sites like Glassdoor that are dedicated to this type of dialogue. Companies are far less likely to have any control over what is posted here. Try asking any current or former employees about what training opportunities and growth the employer provides. These people may be able to offer you a far better idea of what you might be able to expect working with an employer.

The Company Website

Try checking the company website for more details about what benefits the employer offers as well as what types of promotional opportunities and career growth they offer. You can also look to see if the company lists their leadership or demographics to gain an idea of what kind of value they place on diversity and inclusion.

News Coverage

News coverage can often say a lot about an employer, so take a look to see if your potential employer has gotten any. On the negative end, you may see if any executives have gotten in trouble, but on the other end of the spectrum, there is a good chance you will see that your employer is having a positive impact on the community. Either way knowing is always better.

Final Thoughts

Researching your potential employers is an important step to ensuring they are the right match for you. It is also important for knowing what to ask and showing your interest in the position. So, before applying, make sure to do your homework and get to know your future employer.

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