Featured How To Prepare for Employer Background Checks

How To Prepare for Employer Background Checks

Over the past year, a lot has changed for job seekers. More jobs are now being performed from home, and remote work has become a part of life. This also means that most interviews are now being done through video calls as well, so you may start a job without ever having met your future supervisor or colleagues.

This means that many employers are now putting more emphasis than ever before on pre-employment screening in making employment decisions. From criminal background checks to checking your references, employers want to make sure they can trust you even if they can’t meet you in person. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help make sure you’re ready for and pass those background checks.

Prepare Information in Advance

Make sure you have any information you will need for your prospective employer’s background checks. You can contact the organization’s HR department and ask them what documentation or information they will need for screening.

Request Your Credit Report

Whether or not your potential job involves access to finances, many employers will still want to see your credit. This is because many employers believe it says a lot about the character of an applicant. In order to prepare for this, get a copy of your credit report. With this, you can check and see if everything is accurate. If you do find anything that is wrong, you can call up the agency that supplied you with the report and dispute any inaccuracies.

Check Your Driving Record

If your employer is looking over your driving record, you need to be ready for any questions this might result in. You don’t want to be caught off guard, and there may often be a good explanation for a minor anomaly on your record.

Ask Former Employers for Your Employment Records

Unlike what many believe, there are often few restrictions on what information a past employer can share about you. These restrictions often vary drastically from state to state, but one thing you can do to get ready for any questions that may arise as a result of these references is to ask your former employer for copies of your employment records.

Perform a Self Background Check

Often the best thing you can do to get ready for your employer’s background check is to do one of your own. By ordering your own background check, you can see exactly what your employer will see. This can allow you to correct any errors you find on the report and plan for how to present any other negative items on the report.

Bring It To the Employer’s Attention

If there is anything that isn’t going to look positive to employers in your background, then instead of waiting for them to notice it, bring it up yourself. When you bring it to their attention, you can explain any extenuating circumstance and make sure they understand your point of view. This can change how they perceive it in a big way. No matter what your background check will contain, preparing properly can make all the difference.


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