Fired at a Job

How To Explain Being Fired at a Job Interview

Getting laid off is never an easy time. Layoffs leave you worried about whether you’ll have enough money set aside until you find a job. Worse yet, worrying if you’ll get laid off will only make it harder to get another job.

Unfortunately, hiring managers often hold prejudice against unemployed individuals. Because of this bias, you must prepare to discuss what led to the layoff. It may feel unwise, but there are steps you can take to minimize the damage during any interview.

Be Brief

You don’t want to spend much time talking about the layoff. So, be prepared to explain it as briefly as possible. However, if you were part of a large group the business laid off, it would be beneficial to mention this.

Remember to be honest, not negative, about where you worked and what you did. There is always the chance that your previous employer will get contacted for more details.

Emphasize What You Will Bring to the Company

Explain how you helped your previous employer in specific terms, such as problems you solved or how much money you saved the company. Mention how the skills and knowledge you used to help your previous employer can also help your potential employer.

If you had a significant gap in employment after the layoff, you would need to explain this. In addition, you will want to explain what you did during this time, such as whether you did any freelancing, volunteer work, or took any educational courses. It will not look good if you only say you were trying to find a job. It is crucial to show that you did something to improve yourself during this time unemployed.

Prepare Your References

You’ll want to provide excellent references to improve your chances of having the potential employer look past the layoff. Exceptional choices include supervisors, coworkers, and even past customers you trust to speak positively on your behalf. Having at least three professional references who genuinely support your value to the company is best.

Prepare Ahead

Preparing for an interview is stressful enough, but knowing you must discuss the layoff often makes matters worse. Overcome this stress by thoroughly preparing and rehearsing what you will say. Confidently explain the situation positively, and do so with as few sentences as possible.

Final Thoughts

Explaining a layoff during an interview isn’t easy, but solid preparation can help ease that stress. The interviewer should get your positive input, so they’ll recognize you are a valuable asset to their company.

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