Featured How Job Seekers Can Stand Out Online in the Great Resignation

How Job Seekers Can Stand Out Online in the Great Resignation

For many job seekers in the “Great Resignation,” it has become an endless search for a new job. Right now, millions of Americans have quit their jobs resulting in record numbers of job openings and an equal amount of competition. With this amount of competition, it may seem impossible to stand out, particularly with nearly everything occurring remotely due to the pandemic.  However, according to recruiters, there are a few tricks to stand out from the crowd of applicants online.

Identify Your Key Skills

The first step to attracting a recruiter’s attention is to consider what employers are looking for, and these are the key skills that qualify an individual for the position. At the top of every resume or job profile, jobseekers should include a quick summary of their skills that explain why they are the right fit for the job. This is particularly crucial for individuals that are attempting to transfer to a new field due to their lack of prior job experience.

According to experts, one of the best ways to determine what skills to focus on is to search for the job you want on Indeed, LinkedIn, and other websites to find common skills in the job description. These skills should be addressed in summary, including a description of how each of these skills has been demonstrated in previous jobs. 

Use Keywords

Nowadays, virtually every jobseeker’s resume or application will be viewed and sorted by a computer before a human ever lays eyes on it. According to experts, this means applicants should always keep one thing in mind when crafting their resume, and that is keywords.

Computers will do a lot of their job by sorting out resumes that have the keywords recruiters are looking for. This means that it is critical for job seekers to identify and include those keywords. These keywords include the job title itself, the job’s key skills and qualities, as well as any required technical or program qualifications. These keywords should be spread throughout the resume. One great tip for job seekers is to use the title of the job they are seeking as their current position with the word aspiring before it unless, of course, this is their current position.

Build Your Professional Network

Social media has made it easier than ever before to build a professional network. With sites such as LinkedIn, job seekers can use the search tool to see who works for the company they are applying to and see if they or friends and family who are on the website may know them. If not, there is still always messaging someone at the company and explaining the situation.

However, social media helps build another kind of professional network as well. By posting the position a job seeker is looking for, everyone who sees it is bound to point openings their way. Now a job seeker has their own network searching for jobs, and this is great for building leads and becoming aware of new opportunities.

Key Takeaways

The Great Resignation and the reliance on remote hiring have made it tough on job seekers, but with the right techniques, technology can really set anyone ahead of the pack. By identifying what makes them qualified, using the right keywords, and making sure to use their network, the odds of finding the perfect position get a whole lot better.

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