How do I Check My Criminal Record

When applying to specific companies, organizations and institutes, certain things are required to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the job or not. Some of the requirements include cover letters, CVs, and letters of recommendation. 

However, some institutions require a background check in addition to the information provided. This is to make sure that the details you gave are facts and not made up. One question many people often ask is, “how do I check my criminal record?” 

An answer to this question will be provided here, alongside some essential things you should know about checking your criminal record.

What can be revealed in a background criminal record check?

A background check can provide the following information on an individual: employment history, driving history, educational background, medical records, compensation, credit history, bankruptcy, references, etc.  

The most requested information, however, is the criminal record. The criminal history shows a record of any misdemeanors, felonies, crimes, sex offender information, court records, DUI’s, parole violations, convictions, sentences, etc., of an applicant. 

It also shows court dismissals and guilty or not guilty verdicts given to an individual. If there is an active warrant on a person, it will show in a criminal record. The record check also shows past crimes like juvenile offenses.

How do I check my criminal record?

Perhaps the easiest and fastest way to legally obtain your criminal record is to apply to get a copy from the Police Department. It is usually contained in the Police Records. 

How can I check my criminal record online?

Some sites allow individuals to check their criminal records for a fee. The US State Records is a trusted site that shows you what you need. 

Why do employers need to check my criminal record?

Before employing an individual in a company, it is essential to the recruiter or employer not to be a liability or create high-end risks that will be problematic for the company. It is also a concern in promoting safety in the work environment for other employees.

This is why employers carry out a background check on criminal records. The employer can request that the applicant submit his illegal form or carry out more background checks if he discovers information withheld.

If your employer requests for your criminal record, it is in your best interest to provide all the information available on the form. This is because, if other details come to light, it is well within the employer’s rights to revoke the offer or dismiss you. 

Can anyone check my criminal record?

Certain records are open to the public, and anyone can go find out information on another person. However, not all criminal details on an individual’s criminal record can be viewed by just anybody. 

Hidden information can, however, be found on state agencies or in court records. 

Ways to check your criminal record  

Although the easiest way to check your criminal record is to file an appeal to the police department to look through their records, go on sites that offer their services for a fee or others that are for free, or go to the court to check through their records.

There are procedures you need to go through to obtain the details you need. For some, like the online sites, all that is required is your first name, last name, city, state, and you can check it online. 

While other methods like the police records, which provide information that is easy to withhold online, you have to go through the following process; 

  1. Visit the police department in your locality. 
  2. You can find the nearest police department by checking online and using the provided information. 
  3. When you get there, request a search to be done into your records and the document will be provided to you. 
  4. You have to present a valid form of identification to show that it is your record and not impersonation. 
  5. Follow the other procedures they might require you to go through to get your criminal record (if there is any).


It is essential to check your criminal records at certain times, especially before applying for a job, to ensure that nothing would implicate you or ruin your chances of getting a job. At times individuals are unaware of the fact that a particular crime committed is on record. 

This is because they either did not commit the crime or it shows a charge that was stricken out in the past. To check your records and have thorough and concise results, visit our website  

At Pre-Employ, we provide hassle-free checks with innovative background checks to give you accurate results.

Your personal background check is required for literally everything in your life these days, from employers to rentals. Take control of yours.


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