Having Difficulty Finding a Job? Here Are Some Roadblocks That Could Be Standing in the Way

The job hunt can quickly become discouraging as you send in application after application, waiting weeks hoping to receive a reply. Often times this can go on for months before you find the right position, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting the average wait is roughly five to six months.

It is important to remain patient and keep your morale up as you continue your job search, and remember that the key to finding a new job is to just keep on trying. However, there are many reasons that your job hunt can be hitting roadblocks, and there are steps you can take to help boost your chances of finding your next job. Here are a few reasons that your applications may be getting rejected.

Your Resumé and Cover Letter May Need Improvement

You may be a great candidate for a job, but if your resumé and cover letter aren’t able to communicate your qualifications well, this could be the reason you aren’t getting any callbacks. Most hiring managers spend only 6 seconds glancing over your cover letter and resumé before making a decision, and many companies now use applicant tracking systems that filter applications for certain keywords before ever sending them to a human for review. If you want the chance for a hiring manager to take a closer look at your resumé and cover letter, then make sure to customize it for every position and ensure that it is well-formatted and free of spelling or grammar errors.

You Lied On Your Applications

It can be really tempting to fudge the information on your application, but employers nearly always run background and reference checks that are likely to reveal any falsehoods. Plus, your social media profiles will often give away any lies to potential employers. The fact is that lying on your application is a bad idea that is more likely to permanently damage your reputation than it is to earn you a new job.

You Have Former Criminal Convictions

Though a criminal record does not mean you can’t land a great job, it can prevent you from working in certain positions and industries. You should ensure that you can qualify for the positions to which you are applying to avoid wasting your time. Also, even if you do not have a criminal record, mistakes in a potential employer’s background check process can lead to one appearing on your report. It can be a good idea to perform a self-background check before applying to new positions to ensure that your record is accurate.

Final Thoughts

The job hunt can be hard, but keep your morale up. Remember that it can often take dozens of applications just to land even a single interview. Ensure that you aren’t making any of these mistakes in your job hunt and do your best. With enough time and applications, you can succeed in finding your next job.

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