Common Interview Questions That Are Actually Illegal

Interviews often feel stressful, especially when you want to leave the best impression on your interviewer. In addition, making the best impression can prove challenging when people forget they have a lot to offer potential employers. Furthermore, people also forget they can and should ask questions during interviews, especially when they feel the interviewer asked an inappropriate question.

Unfortunately, some interviewers may insist on asking these questions. Most people do not realize what questions are and are not appropriate, so it is best to prepare for an interview by finding out. Interviewers are not allowed to ask questions about the following:

  • Pregnancy or Fertility: Interviewers cannot ask if you are pregnant or about any fertility issues. You are not required to answer any questions about these issues.
  • Religious Beliefs: Religion has no connection to your job skills. You do not have to answer questions about religious beliefs unless you want to.
  • Citizenship: Interviewers cannot ask about your country of origin; you do not have to answer if they do. However, employers can ask about your skill in English if it relates to the job.
  • Age: Employers cannot discriminate based on age, though many employers will try. Regardless, you are not required to answer any questions about your age.
  • Marital Status or Children: Your marital status is irrelevant to the job. The same holds about whether you have children, so you do not need to answer any questions concerning these issues. Some employers may try to ask these questions casually as part of the conversation, but you do not have to answer.
  • Disabilities: Many employers prefer hiring individuals who do not need accommodations. However, interviewers cannot ask about disabilities. Additionally, it is illegal for them to withdraw an offer after learning of any disabilities.
  • Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation:Questions concerning your gender identity and sexual orientation are unrelated to the job. Furthermore, questions on these topics are highly inappropriate and illegal. You do not have to answer these invasive questions.

Final Thoughts

The subjects listed here are only some examples of what interviewers cannot ask, though these are among the most commonly asked questions. Also, states may have varying rules on what topics interviewers can ask about, so research the area you will interview. This step may prove especially helpful for anyone concerned about whether an employer can ask about criminal histories.

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