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How Far Back Can a Background Check Go?

Most employers will run a background check on you if they have decided you are a likely candidate for a position. This step is important for your potential employer, as it provides valuable information about your past. However, employers must obtain...

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How to Double Check Your Resume Before Applying

Your resume is a crucial part of your job search. It will likely be your first impression on potential employers, which is why you must ensure it’s immaculate. However, many job hunters regularly submit resumes with embarrassing mistakes. It...

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What Is Criminal Identity Theft?

Criminal identity theft occurs when someone steals your personal information and uses it to commit crimes. All forms of identity theft are illegal. However, criminal identity theft is a specific type of theft where someone uses your identity when involved...

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Background Checks: How Far Back Do They Go?

You just finished your application and are about to permit a company to run a background check on you. However, do you know what kind of screening they are requesting? Is it only for your criminal history, or is there a credit check too? How far back...

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Your personal background check is required for literally everything in your life these days, from employers to rentals. Take control of yours.


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