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New Social Media Scam Pretends to Be People You Know

 A woman from Iowa is warning people about a new sort of social media scam being used to steal people’s identity. There are plenty of scams around to steal money, but the object of this scam is to steal more than money and something even...

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California Identity Thief Caught by Hotel Employees

A California man pleaded guilty last week to identity theft and other related offenses and was then sentenced to a term of one to five years to be served in state prison. He also pleaded guilty to charges of false identification to law enforcement...

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How to Apply for a New Job with Your Current Employer

Is it time for a new job? Like millions of other workers out there, maybe you have found a new job that offers more opportunities. But, the bad news is it is with your current employer, and you really don’t know how to apply without angering...

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The New Pay Talk “What Is Your Salary Requirement?”

There are a few parts of the job search that jobseekers hate to think about more than the salary history question. But, in recent years, this once ubiquitous part of the job hiring process has begun to give way as many states over the past five years...

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Harris County Introduces New Ban-the-Box Policy

The Commissioners Court in Harris County approved a new policy that directs the Harris county government not to ask about an applicant’s criminal history in the initial stages of the hiring process. This policy is intended to give Harris County residents...

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Instant Messaging Scam Is on the Rise

A new instant messaging scam is on the rise, attempting to steal identities and often a considerable sum of money from unwary victims. This all comes from simply responding to a harmless text message. In this scam, a stranger will strike up a harmless-seeming...

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Featured New Jersey Bans-the-Box for Housing Decisions

New Jersey Bans-the-Box for Housing Decisions

The Division on Civil Rights now has new rules that will give people with a criminal history better opportunities for safe and affordable housing. These new rules took effect on January 1st, 2022, and will codify the Fair Chance in Housing Act.  General...

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How to Acquire a New Job or Better Pay in 2022

The new year has arrived, and with it, a great opportunity to pursue some of your career goals. The current job market favors job seekers, so why not take advantage of it? Whether you’re looking for a different job or want to make more money...

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