Refresh Your Resume to Find Your Dream Job

With the job market holding more openings than ever before, it is time to pursue the roles you have always dreamed of. More than ever, job seekers hold the power to transition between careers, take their current employment to the next level, or even...

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Is Remote Work Right for You?

Over half of working people say they would prefer a fully remote job. This is understandable since having a remote job can easily save someone time and money. However, a remote job can also negatively affect a person’s mood and career opportunities. Before...

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Is a Video Resume Right for You?

Employers continue to do more virtual interviews as part of the hiring process. Because of this, more applicants are making video resumes in an attempt to improve their chances of getting their dream job. Many more companies have chosen to use virtual...

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How to Recover from Identity Theft

Identity theft can be devastating both financially and emotionally. Identity theft can lead to thousands of dollars in financial loss, damage to your credit, and potentially even worse damage. It can be difficult to repair the damages once they are...

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Steps to Take Before Leaving Your Current Job

More people than ever before are quitting their jobs in what has been dubbed the Great Resignation. With the pandemic leaving many workers’ career plans on hold and many businesses only now returning to full swing, many employees are taking the...

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