How To Respond if a Job Offer Is Rescinded

Every job seeker is looking for that magic moment when an employer recognizes what they can bring to the team. At that moment, the job seeker receives a conditional offer of employment, and it is like being on top of the world. Unfortunately, sometimes...

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Here Are Ways the FCRA Can Help You

Most people recognize how important credit scores and credit reports are because they affect significant parts of people’s lives. Such aspects of their lives include attempts to get jobs or places to live. Unfortunately, few understand the Fair...

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How Long Will My Background Check Take?

Most employers will run a background check on you when they seriously consider you as a candidate. They run background checks to see if you are a good fit for their business, verify information on your resume, and determine whether you will improve...

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Common Interview Questions That Are Actually Illegal

Interviews often feel stressful, especially when you want to leave the best impression on your interviewer. In addition, making the best impression can prove challenging when people forget they have a lot to offer potential employers. Furthermore,...

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Four Best Tips for Job Seekers Over 50

Finding a job is an anxiety-inducing experience for anyone. The hunt proves incredibly stressful after filling out application after application in a seemingly endless search. However, the job hunt feels worse for those over 50. For example, many job...

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Pennsylvania Legislature May Expand Clean Slate Law

The Pennsylvania legislature’s newly proposed bill, HB 1826, looks to expand the state’s existing clean slate law. This new law would allow drug and certain property-related felony convictions to automatically seal after ten years. However, this option...

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Don’t Forget to Prepare Your References

Many people today underestimate the importance of references when hunting for a job. Instead, job hunters consider social media recommendations and employee referral programs without preparing references. However, having references ready proves helpful...

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