What Jobseekers Should Expect in 2022

Both employers and job seekers found the 2021 job market to be quite challenging. For employers, they had to deal with serious shortages of employees, and both employers and employees had to learn to deal with virtual work environments and COVID-19...

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Signs That Your Current Job Isn’t Worth the Money

You finally got your dream job, or so you thought. You’re making good money. Your debts are paid, and you even have some savings and money in your retirement account. But, at what cost? Do you like your job, or do you dread showing up to work? Making...

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California Identity Thief Caught by Hotel Employees

A California man pleaded guilty last week to identity theft and other related offenses and was then sentenced to a term of one to five years to be served in state prison. He also pleaded guilty to charges of false identification to law enforcement...

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Harris County Introduces New Ban-the-Box Policy

The Commissioners Court in Harris County approved a new policy that directs the Harris county government not to ask about an applicant’s criminal history in the initial stages of the hiring process. This policy is intended to give Harris County residents...

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