How to Protect Yourself from SIM Swap Scams

Sim card scams are nothing new, but according to the FBI, they are growing in occurrence. In fact, according to the FBI, victims lost $68 million to this scam in 2021, which is more than five times the amount lost in the three years before it combined....

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When Should You Be Searching for a New Job?

The job market clearly favors workers at present as many employers are desperate for workers. However, does this mean that workers should be looking out for a better job all the time, even if they’re not unhappy with their current job? Let’s...

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Why Does Hiring Take Such a Long Time?

If you are waiting to find out if you’re getting a job you applied for, you’re probably anxious for the hiring process to move along quickly, so you can start earning money and get used to your new job. Employers are also anxious for the...

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Tips for Success in Today’s Interviews

Interviews have changed, and it’s important to consider how in order to be prepared to get your dream job. So, we are going to tell you a little bit about how interviews have changed and how you can adapt to these changes. Ask Questions It wasn’t...

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What Legal Rights Does a Job Applicant Have?

Looking for a job and then getting hired for it can be difficult at the best of times, but it’s even harder when the employer is not using fair hiring practices. Many job applicants may not even realize they are being discriminated against and...

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