Phone Number

How a Scammer Can Use Your Cell Phone Number

Some people may not be very careful in safeguarding their cell phone numbers. They may think that there is not really that much a thief could do simply by having someone else’s number. But, unfortunately, a scammer can do a lot of damage if they learn...

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Things to Include When Crafting Your Resume

If you’re looking for a job, your resume is probably the first impression your potential employer is going to have of you. Therefore, it’s vital to make it a good one. This is your chance to market yourself, so consider how you want to...

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Job Search

Tips for Planning Your Job Search

The Great Resignation is still going strong. Many workers are still looking for new jobs, and many of those who aren’t currently looking for a job intend to start within a year. If you are one of these people, you can increase your chances of...

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Should Retirees Consider Re-Entering the Job Market?

More retirees are re-entering the job market. There are several reasons for this, including the increasing cost of living, the increasing availability of flexible work, and the great demand for labor. There are several advantages and disadvantages...

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Job Search Without the Stress

How to Improve Your Job Search Without the Stress

The Great Resignation is ongoing as many workers continue to leave their jobs to look for something better. But, even though many employers are having difficulty finding workers, it can still be difficult for those looking for a job to find one that’s...

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How You Can Use Job Fairs To Boost Your Career Search

Going to a job fair can be exciting. It’s a great opportunity to actually talk with recruiters in person and try to impress them rather than just communicating with them virtually. But, this can also be stressful. You have very little time to...

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