6 Ways to Protect Your Identity From Criminals

Identity theft is increasingly common, and there is still no guaranteed method for preventing identity theft. However, you can do several things to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of identity theft. Here are a few tips to protect your identity. Protect...

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Reasons You May Not Be Receiving Any Interviews

As most job seekers know, employers are facing shortages of much-needed talent. In addition, job openings have recently seen record highs, and as a result, job seekers have more bargaining power than ever before. However, even with all these facts,...

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Ban the Box

What Is Ban the Box?

Ban-the-box laws have grown exponentially in recent years; now, four-fifths of the U.S. population lives under one of these laws. Starting with laws banning a checkbox asking if employees have felonies on their records, this ban expands its protections...

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Your personal background check is required for literally everything in your life these days, from employers to rentals. Take control of yours.


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